Wol&Marie developed and facilitating a dance/movement and bodywork curriculum, that include workshops, classes, lectures, art actions and performances. Their programs are personal and group trainings in a variety of modalities of contemporary art, bodywork and somatic practices,  designed to help a wide range of audience to understand  physiological and psychological processes underlying movement and dance, to find new ways of self expression and communication.

The main four activities of the WoLDanceProcess are:

WoLDance: Movement. In everyday life people often carry the role of the one who sees and the one who is seen, the one who hears and the one who is heard. This workshop is a wide way to move and be moved,  to witness and being witnessed. During workshop participants share their experience in verbal and non-verbal creative forms and get empathic feedback.

The process of getting into your own depths is the process that makes you able to accompany someone else into their depths.

- Mary Starks Whitehouse

Getting in depth together we are moving, dancing, singing, drawing, writing, listening and speaking our inner stories. We explore this stories not separately, but within the inexhaustible flow of our thoughts and beliefs, our feelings and emotions, our relationships with ourselves and others, our whole lives.

WoLDance: Choreography. This workshop includes the following elements:

  • Wol's dance classes;

  • Personal training course;

  • Personal recommendations.

The purpose of worskhop is to improve personal dance skills and techniques and to expand moving experience.

We should be able to do every imaginable movement and then select those which seem to be the most suitable and desirable for our own nature. These can be found only by each individual himself.

- Rudolf Laban

WoLDance: Relaxation. Relaxation sessions allow to experience a dynamic balance between activity and repose, tension and relaxation, limitation and liberty.

Only you yourself can be your liberator!

- Wilhelm Reich

Somatic methods and practices that take place in relax-groups and individual sessions teach us to listen to our bodies, to find emotional balance and communicative flexibility, to respect for the living space and to enjoy life.

WoLDance: Meditation. This is your chance to find yourself here-and-now, through movement and dance to embrace the mystery of life and to discover the inner depth. This is an extraordinary and exciting adventure.

Dance is good in itself – as far as it goes it is good. After it, you will feel fresh, young. But it is not meditation yet. The dancer must go, until only the dance remains….

- Osho

During WoLDanceProcess:

  • You will be able to move awarely, witness and analize your own and others movements;
  • You will find the key to understanding the body wisdom and body language;
  • You will gain greater understanding and feeling of habitual social relations;
  • You will learn new skills and develop yourself through contact, movement and dance;
  • You will reconnect with your infinite energy source to become a more creative and embodied human.